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CDS supply innovative drying systems for all types of ceramics, along with concrete curing systems.

Environmental control of factory space is also a technology the CDS can offer  - provided using the latest technology available.

Energy savings and faster production is the key to success.

Complete turnkey factory facilitation can be supplied for your prestigious project—let us help with our years of experience


Product Summary


Ž Shortest possible drying times.

Ž Virtually zero percentage drying losses

Ž Best possible energy consumptions

Ž up to 40% less than best recorded conventional drying times.

In summary, the combination of the conventional control using humidity injection during the warm up phase and rapid moisture removal during the drying phase allows R-O2 drying to achieve substantial reductions in drying times against conventional techniques.

The RO-2 system can efficiently dry many very complex and dense shapes with virtually zero drying loss

Call us to get you product dried quicker with less loss.

Sanitary ware, Tableware, Refractories, Advanced Ceramics, Technical Ceramics, Powders, Slurries


What is R-O2 Drying?