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ROCK TEAM are suppliers of glaze stain, body stain, composite glaze and zirconium silicate.

Manufactured at their state of the art facility in

Vietnam, delivered to Thailand within 5 days, resulting in less stock holding for you

Form D can be applied for as well

Product Summary

Ž Competitively priced

Ž Excellent quality, Excellent delivery

Ž Consistent fro m each delivery

Ž Aesthetic Improvement  of Vitreous & Homogeneous Tile

Ž Cost Saving—Form D may be granted.

NEW—Special body stains for production of vitreous homogeneous tile with Dry-Mixed processing system.

Appreciate the wisdom of our R&D technicians, ROCK TEAM "DM" series body stains born and  soon became the most welcomed items for ceramic tile manufacturers.

With our constant quality and competitive price, ROCK TEAM "DM" series are giving a new technology to the production of vitreous homogeneous tile.

Rock Team On-glaze Range