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Serialised barcodes are printed to customer requirements, to be applied onto ceramic ware in  clay and are temperature stable to 1300 C

Giving 100% tractability through the production process

Systems available for glass, sanitary ware, vitreous enamel .. Anywhere there are high extreme temperatures are present.


Product Summary

Ž Extremely durable

Ž Serialised barcode

Ž Dedicated format can be printed

Ž Easy application

Ž Quick delivery - typically 2 weeks

Ž Temperature, acid, alkali, sunlight resistant

Ž Easy to apply

Ž 100% readable


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Fax:  +66 2 2 78 0230

Email: sales@rsintercersups.co.th

HIGH  TEMPERATURE BAR CODE (HTB) provides a strategic advantage to sanitary ware manufacturers who want dramatic improvements in factory throughput, material tracing, shipping accuracy, and the time and effort it takes to complete detailed physical inventories.

Barcodes to be applied onto “green  ware”  and fired FROM 500 C to 1300 C. -  giving  100% traceability.

Years  of R&D have enabled us to supply serialized “decals” using ceramic ink & a unique printing system, —giving you a waterslide decal for easy application. This investment reduces the human error in collecting data from the shop floor and also dependency on paper reports and logs. Bar coding improves the overall reliability and timeliness of information for making sound, effective business decisions. We also can provide the data collection system from our partners.